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Motivational Speaker

The majority of the speaking requests we receive go something like this:

We need a professional keynote speaker who is both motivational and inspirational. He must be an experienced business speaker who can also mix in a large amount of humor to achieve maximum results.

Sound familiar? Craig has years of experience delivering keynote speeches which are humorous, motivational and inspiring corporations to exceptional results! A noted physician of Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Robert Coleman, whose success was eminent, was said to have accomplished as many cures by his wit and humor as by the drugs he prescribed. The emperor Titus insisted that he had lost a day if he had passed it without laughing. Could you imagine a day without the unbridled laughter of children? As a professional speaker I have found that my success as a motivational speaker is directly related to incorporating humor in my presentations and workshops. A motivational speaker has to provide solutions to problems-and what better remedy for problem solving than using humor to motivate and inspire audiences to solve those issues.

 Business Motivational Speaker

A hearty laugh is medicinal and remedial, and Hippocrates believed and declared that a physician should possess a ready humor as a part of the equipment for healing. As a business motivational speaker, there is one constant that I encounter; audiences today have been beat up, with endless layoffs, bad economic cycles and the constant global competition.  Business audiences jump at the chance for hearty laughter and welcome the opportunity for motivation but they also demand workable solutions for their circumstances. The best motivational speakers bring out the solutions from the audience and empower them to succeed. Craig provides the catalyst for real change in business settings; changes that can be measured in ROI.

Humorous Motivational Speaker

It was once said that the effect of legitimate humor and merriment cannot be denied, and a taste for humor was a gift from Heaven. In the legend of Pandora’s Box we are told that Hope was left at the bottom, as a compensation for the many ills to which poor humanity is heir. I love being a humorous motivational speaker and being a conduit for audiences to problem solve and achieve their maximum potential  in a supporting environment.
Humor presents an immediate solace a real and present help in time of discouragement and despondency.  Humor combined with real solutions is one of the reasons that Craig Zablocki is one of the most requested humorous motivational speakers today.

OMG!  What a impact you had on me this last week in Lafayette, LA!  Not only was I burned out at home and the office, I feel revived totally in just the short amount spent listening to your insight on life itself in general…. don’t take it too seriously..!  WOW!  WHAT A GREAT SPEAKER YOU ARE!

To find out who else thinks Craig is an exceptional motivational speaker, besides his mother, please view our testimonials section.