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Improv 101

Improv 101

Use improvisation to bring spontaneity and joy back into your life!

• A one-hour session guide for working with groups of any size
• A complete review of the rules of improv
• 101 improv exercises for large groups, pairs and small groups
• A guide to match improv activities to group goals, including teamwork, communication, leadership and self-confidence
• Tips for becoming more spontaneous on your own

Plus: 40 All-Time Greatest Improv Games!

Take Yourself Lightly / Unleash Your Creative Spirit

This great CD includes two amazing programs:

Take Yourself Lightly – How can we take ourselves lightly while taking our work in life seriously? The trick is to see how we have been conditioned to play it safe, look good and hold back. Once we see how our psychological fears have a grip on us. We can learn to laugh at the silliness of them and move in the direction of a more enjoyable life.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit – Why is it that 93% of 5-year-olds are creative geniuses and only 2% of adults are? The answer is at one time we were all creative; we’ve only blocked it from ourselves. In this program you will rediscover your natural creativity and see what blocks you from a more spontaneous and creative life.