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New Programs

Radical Leadership:  A New Era for Today’s Organizations
At the conclusion of this event, participants will be able to clearly articulate radical leadership principles and relate why their understanding is essential for effective leadership.  They will also understand the difference between a purposeful leader and a personality leader, and see how true leaders serve vs. please.  Your attendees will realize the principle of “actions speak louder than words” and learn strategies for powerful communication, and learn the distinction of “agreements vs. expectations” as critical to leading a world-class organization.

This is it! Grasping the Power of Now
This keynote takes a serious look at the “Someday Theory”. When I am better, more experienced, richer, older, happier, have less responsibilities or more energy…..then I will be able to do the things I want. Is your life taking you on a trip you didn’t plan? Is your life going at a speed that you didn’t set? This lighthearted & humorous presentation will leave you motivated and inspired to live the life you choose Now!

“It created an atmosphere early on allowing participants to be themselves, open their minds and act without fear of being judged.”

Group Power/Authentic Communication
This program has been terrific with re-energizing the work space. What you hear is often not what was said; learn to create a space of listening so that others can communicate more effectively. Craig’s fun and interactive presentation will help you realize the impact of your word and how being authentic can transform a group that is divided to one that is marked by energy, enthusiasm, and success.

“Craig was able to bring a distracted and diversified group into one cohesive group, uniting them for a great learning experience”