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New Challenges

My 15 year old son Charles has played baseball for the last 10 years. He’s good. He loves the game. Two weeks ago at the end of basketball season he said, “I want to try Rugby,” and that happens to be the same season as baseball. I was curious, “What about baseball?” “I won’t be able to do that this season if I play Rugby,” he replied.

Now I’m thinking to myself, what about all those years of batting practice, the pitching subtleties, the talent he (and I) had worked so hard on. What about the familiarity of knowing what you’re doing, the confidence one gets when getting really good at something. Why would someone who’s getting really good at something drop that and try something else? And when I asked him why, he said, “It looks like a blast and it looks challenging.”

So, last week he went to rugby practice for the first time and he was, can I say, giddy! He couldn’t wait for the first game. I looked up rugby on YouTube. Baseball and rugby have as much in common as knitters and gladiators.

On the ride home from his first game last night he couldn’t stop talking. (He’s normally pretty quiet, unlike me!) He had bruises and a cleat mark on his chest, he’d had a blast!
He has a new challenge and goal and he loves it.

I was reminded of how adventurous life can be when we take on a new challenge and as Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” What can you and I do that “Looks like a blast” and would challenge us? We may have to drop something that we have done for a while to try something new.

What is something that you’d love to do? Why not try it.

P.S. About five years ago, Charles wanted to “try” football. We borrowed some pads and helmet and he stepped on to an existing team for a practice. One practice, and he knew it wasn’t for him. No problem.

4 Responses to “New Challenges”

  1. Sarah Maronn March 14, 2013 at 11:14 am #

    I love this. It keeps life invigorating when we try something challenging and new. Our children can be great teachers!

  2. Rainer Janetzki March 14, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    What a coincidence, my 11 yr old is really good at Baseball too and is trying Rugby for the first time this year also. He wants to do both sports this spring. His first rugby match is this coming weekend so we will see, so far rugby has been in a controlled setting during practice.

    If he can manage both and keep up his grades, then no worries.

    A few years ago it was soccer, then lacrosse, then flag football and now this…….

    stay tuned….

  3. Nancy Butner March 14, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    First, I have to say that as parents we must remind our self to step back once in a while and ask “Are we doing these activities/sports for us or our child?”

    Second, in life if you don’t take risks on something new, then you aren’t living. Try to take a risk each day no matter how big or small.

    Third, I love it when my kids teach me something!

  4. Wes Autrey March 15, 2013 at 3:16 am #

    First off Craig, I’m thinking back on your HS baseball days and trying to envision you teaching your son the sport. Secondly, I’m realizing how right you are about trying new things in life, even at our advanced ages. Keeps the heart and attitude young and alive doesn’t it?

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