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Motivational Speaker

When you hear the term “motivational speaker” it undoubtedly brings up a specific opinion in your mind…..doesn’t it? We’ve all heard motivational speakers who take a portion of an event and frankly embellish it to death! How about the guy who almost made it to the summit of Mount Everest? I commend their courage and tenacity and these speeches can be inspirational to audiences.

Guess what, I haven’t had to cut off my arm to free myself from a rock (thank God) and no, I haven’t climbed Mount Everest but I have motivated thousands of businesses, educators and students. I love my work and always remember that my audiences have a problem and they want me to give them workable solutions. Audiences also love to be the heroes and not the other way around.

Whatever your perception of a motivational speaker is; you have my commitment that if you hire me you will end up the hero and your audiences will find my program to be the catalyst for their improvement. Please read more about my motivation speaker  profile on linkedIn.