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“Your performance was like a welcome rain to our parched group. You have been given a gift to be able to infuse tired minds with renewed energy, and instill hope and a new zest for life!”
Nancy Harris, M.S. LPC
Southeast Mental Health Services

Lighten Up and Laugh – For the Health of It
Are you burned out? Is your LPD (Laughs per Day) average running low? Is it getting tougher and tougher to find humor in a world that is not always humorous. This keynote is guaranteed to leave you laughing while providing ways to use positive humor to promote a healthier, richer life. When we learn to laugh with others and take “humorisks” we can open ourselves up to healing and living in the moment. This keynote takes a light look at the serious implications of positive humor in everyday life and work.

The Business of Laughter – Using Positive Humor in the Workplace
It is a proven fact that healthy humor increases productivity, motivation, and learning. This keynote is guaranteed to leave you laughing while teaching you how to use positive humor to strengthen morale and increase productivity. Positive humor gives you and your employees a new perspective to deal with transition and change. Learn how taking yourself less seriously allows you to take your job more seriously. Master the “Top Ten Humor Techniques” for the workplace.

Changing Times Demand Innovation – Using Humor and Creativity in Health Care
The only constant these days is change. Human creativity and humor is the essence of all change and re-invention that leads to progress. The victories in health care will go to the highly imaginative and creative person. You will get more reward for your creative effort, turn mistakes into opportunities, master change through innovation, enhance productivity and decrease burn-out. Be ready for a hands-on opportunity to experience the power of creativity and humor to create a world class organization.

Talk, Listen, Laugh – communication skills for the workplace
Effective communication is more than the words we speak. A greater part is what we hear. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn about the four types of listening and how we get stuck in ineffective patterns. Learn how it’s not so much what you say as how you say it that gets results. Be ready to talk, listen, and laugh!

Me Is Greater Than I Plus You – Synergy In Action
Working together can be both rewarding and productive. Learn how positive reinforcement is 3 times more effective than criticism. Experience how control will never be as effective as true empowerment. See why interdependence is only a choice independent people can make. Be ready for an action packed workshop that is as fun as it is informative.