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Motivational Speaker

Let Go!

Let Go! So much of our culture is about “getting.” Getting good grades, getting the “guy”, getting the promotion, getting a new car, getting money and attention.   Getting more stuff for the house, getting more Facebook likes, getting more TV channels, getting more information.  We spend so much time and energy “getting.” I want to […]



I just got back from making a presentation in San Diego for a franchising company called The Little Gym. For being eight o’clock on a Sunday morning these folks were the following: Totally alive (no holding back). Totally engaged (100% or nothing). Totally willing (Sure, I’ll try something new). Totally fun and fun-loving (just obvious). […]


Getting Engaged With Family And Work

Be More Engaged – With Family and Work What a year!  Been all over this country of ours with so many wonderful groups and really appreciate all the people I’ve met.  I’m looking forward to spending time with family and hope that you have a wonderful holiday. Engagement has been a huge topic the last […]


Are You Roaming the Halls and Spreading Discontent?

  Wow, I was just reading an article in USA Today, “Americans hate their work, even with perks,” that stated only 30% of employees are engaged and inspired at work. This was according to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, which surveyed more than 150,000 full- and part-time workers during 2012. Almost 2 out […]


Teach Similarities, Not Differences

I love that kids see the world fresh each day.  They really don’t have all the labels and judgments we do.   I recall the time a second grade teacher was giving a lecture on diversity.  She was showing pictures of families from different ethnic backgrounds.  “Here is a Latino family, here is a Japanese […]


No Expectations

A couple of years ago, my son, Charles, and I went camping and we had a blast! We hiked, swam in a river, built dams, jumped down piles of sand, fed alligators at an alligator farm, climbed rocks, whittled, rafted, buried people in the sand, got the people at the pool to play volleyball, taught […]


Why Columbine High School’s Principal Frank DeAngeles Rocks!

A couple weeks ago I returned to Columbine High for another assembly.   The students and teachers are awesome!  Lots of great energy in the gym!  (At the end a great teacher leads them all, full on… “We are….” then the students go…. “COLUMBINE”, back and forth, building energy until you would think the roofs coming […]


Motivational Speaker in Michigan

We’ve all heard about the very tough economic times in Michigan-high unemployment, loss of businesses and a high foreclosure rate of homes-a perfect opportunity for a motivational speaker!!   Well, I was brought in by RE/MAX of Michigan to lift spirits and discuss strategies that could be used immediately by the RE/MAX Realtors. Let’s face […]


How to Be a Motivational Speaker

Recently I came across an article in Psychology Today called How to Be a Motivational Speaker. The author was Chris Guillebeau and he makes a very interesting point: But the thing is….how should I put it…the whole motivational speaker branding doesn’t give a good first impression. It’s old-school at the best of times, and just plain […]