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Inspirational Speaker

Let Go!

Let Go! So much of our culture is about “getting.” Getting good grades, getting the “guy”, getting the promotion, getting a new car, getting money and attention.   Getting more stuff for the house, getting more Facebook likes, getting more TV channels, getting more information.  We spend so much time and energy “getting.” I want to […]



I just got back from making a presentation in San Diego for a franchising company called The Little Gym. For being eight o’clock on a Sunday morning these folks were the following: Totally alive (no holding back). Totally engaged (100% or nothing). Totally willing (Sure, I’ll try something new). Totally fun and fun-loving (just obvious). […]


Happy New Year

#1 Resolution For 2014 … Be Part Of The Team! I was working at a hospital back east a couple months ago where they were having a hard time with the surveys that the patients would fill out upon leaving.  This particular hospital had received many awards, had great success in almost every area except for […]


Are You Roaming the Halls and Spreading Discontent?

  Wow, I was just reading an article in USA Today, “Americans hate their work, even with perks,” that stated only 30% of employees are engaged and inspired at work. This was according to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, which surveyed more than 150,000 full- and part-time workers during 2012. Almost 2 out […]


New Challenges

My 15 year old son Charles has played baseball for the last 10 years. He’s good. He loves the game. Two weeks ago at the end of basketball season he said, “I want to try Rugby,” and that happens to be the same season as baseball. I was curious, “What about baseball?” “I won’t be […]


My Passion as a Humorous Motivational Speaker

Why i do what I do.  I have been speaking for almost 20 years and I frequently remind myself why I choose this profession and continue to do what I do.  First of all, as a humorous motivational speaker I get the opportunity to facilitate a hour long keynote, a one day seminar, or an ongoing coaching client, and be apart of something that is bigger than me. That is the joy.  Continue Reading »


Humorous Educational Speaker

Monday morning I spoke to the Teachers who teach teachers.  The ATE  (Association of Teacher Educators) a group of mostly PHD professors of education.  I started off the morning asking 900 of them who could paint a picture?  Like usual, less than 5% of the audience raised their hands.  So I checked it out by asking a few individually.  “You can’t paint a picture sir?”, “No”.  “And you Mam”,  “No, not me”.  Than I asked them if I were to ask a group of kindergartners the same question, how many hands would go up?  Most of them said “All of them”.  Based on this informal study, I said, Who has more self esteem, children or us?  Guess what.  99% of them said them.  (There was one woman and one man who raised there hands to say adults did)   Continue Reading »


Thanks Remax

Spent the morning with the New Jersey Remax folks.  As everyone knows, the real estate market has been challenging for the last couple years, no exception in Jersey.   One gal at break told me how hard it was when in one week she had three closings that went south.  Apparently, the clients bailed.  Bad week.  […]


Motivational Speaker

When you hear the term “motivational speaker” it undoubtedly brings up a specific opinion in your mind…..doesn’t it? We’ve all heard motivational speakers who take a portion of an event and frankly embellish it to death! How about the guy who almost made it to the summit of Mount Everest? I commend their courage and […]


Group Power Conference

One fellow brought his teenage daughter to the speech this afternoon and she came up and volunteered for one of the activities.  Because she was afraid of public speaking and came up anyway, I asked the audience what she was modeling for everyone in the room.  They all said courage.  She was afraid, but did it anyway.  I love that.  On the flight from Chicago to Orlando, there was a boy that was going to Disney with his family with the make a wish foundation. Continue Reading »