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Teach Similarities, Not Differences

I love that kids see the world fresh each day.  They really don’t have all the labels and judgments we do.   I recall the time a second grade teacher was giving a lecture on diversity.  She was showing pictures of families from different ethnic backgrounds.  “Here is a Latino family, here is a Japanese […]

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Exploring Your Responses

On the train at the airport the other night, most of the travelers looked weary, tired, and drained, including me. We’re stressed, darn it!  We’re tired and we just want to go home.   Then I glanced up at an elderly woman who was smiling… She was looking at a man who was making faces […]

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No Expectations

A couple of years ago, my son, Charles, and I went camping and we had a blast! We hiked, swam in a river, built dams, jumped down piles of sand, fed alligators at an alligator farm, climbed rocks, whittled, rafted, buried people in the sand, got the people at the pool to play volleyball, taught […]

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